Live Bait

While artificial lures can be nifty, there’s simply no beating the real thing. Live, natural bait that your fish is used to feeding on usually works the best, and tends to be the most successful. In addition to our wide variety of artificial flies and plastic lures, we also offer a wide array of live bait here at Trot Line Bait & Tackle. From your standard nightcrawler worms, to larger bait fish and crawdads, we have it all. Different fish react to different types of bait, so make sure to talk to us about what kind of fish you are hoping to attract, and we’ll advise you on what types of live, or artificial bait you should use, as well as what areas you should check. We are the experts when it comes to fishing in the West Tawakoni, TX area.

For worms, bait fish, and more, don’t look any further! Come visit us at Trot Line Bait & Tackle today!